Review “From Peru” and “Case Study: Jacob” to inform this assignment. Part 1: Vocabulary Game Create a small group vocabulary game aligned to research-based strategies that meets the needs of Jacob. Use and incorporate a minimum of 10 vocabulary words from the “From Peru” excerpt within your game. In 250-500 words, identify and summarize the following aspects of the game: “From Peru” vocabulary words with kid-friendly definitions. Rules, to include the roles of both teacher and students. Materials (include visuals if appropriate). How to expand the game to include higher level thinking. Modifications for ELL or special education students. In addition, rationalize how the design of the vocabulary game implemented research-based strategies to support Jacob’s vocabulary development. How does your vocabulary game engage Jacob in learning? Part 2: At-Home Activities Choose a piece of literature appropriate to Jacob’s interests. Utilizing that choice, identify and summarize three at-home activities to help support Jacob’s vocabulary development. Design a visual for Jacob’s family that: Summarizes each at-home activity. Identifies the roles of both the family and Jacob. Identifies how the activity supports Jacob’s vocabulary development. Submit your vocabulary game and at-home activities as one deliverable. APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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