1.Cover letter and resume required, along with the job advertisement.

2.Deliver both drafts by midnight on specified due dates in order to receive feedback.

3.Write both in response to a job advertisement you find for a job in your field of interest.

4. Include the job advertisement or announcement in your submission. This must be either a screenshot or copy / paste of the text into your document. A web link will not work for this assignment. This is essential in order for me to judge whether you persuasively communicated that you meet the requested qualifications.

4. Consider me to be the hiring manager

5. Will give grade based on:



iii.Quantifiable assertions


v.Relevance (how well do your qualifications match their needs as described in the job advertisement).

vi.Overall organization and appearance

6. Ensure that Cover letter, resume and job advertisement are in ONE document so that you can post it through Turnitin.

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