You just basically responding to the student of what you felt compelling and enlightening.

Student paper down below:

When it comes to cybercriminals the crimes committed are done through technology. These types of criminals use technology to gain access to personal information of people, companies and networks. Identity theft is one of the main crimes committed but is not the only one that is happening. Cybercriminals can gain knowledge that is placed online and use as blackmail and other crimes against larger companies.

While doing research I came across an explanation of hacking as well. When it comes to hackers not all are cybercriminals because there are hackers that help companies look for different ways around their own system. Then there are hackers with malicious intent of course those who are trying to gain private information about a company, person, or even against the state or country to sell to others on the deep web. Also in doing researching I read that the typical cyber criminal is between the ages of 14 and 26 which is not too shocking because most people into technology these days are younger ages.

The deep web is something that cybercriminals are involved with when committing crimes because that is where information can be sold. Identity theft and child pornography are popular amongst the deep web. These criminals are smart and sometimes are hard for the authorities to track down.

Some ways of prevention of identity theft is of course being careful on where you post your information online and what you post online. Passwords should be changed often and adding multiple sign in options and security are a great help as well. While reading articles I read that the maximum punishment for computer abuse is 10 years for first time offenders and 20 years for repeat offenders. It is stated that punishments regarding cyber criminals is something that the people struggle with because they are not sure on what is fair. When it comes to personal opinion I believe that everyone knows right from wrong and I agree with the punishment.

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