For the next few weeks you will in the role of the Supervisor of Elections, appointed by the governor of Florida. As of July 2019, the Florida Legislature approved $5.1 million for election security heading toward 2020.

This money is greatly needed, but is it too late? The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Florida includes you in the initial meetings with the state’s Information Security team and security vendors. During one of the vendor demonstrations, the vendor identifies a server that has been “owned”. The server contains voter data from the 2016 election, including voter PII and the candidate they elected. This sever has been sending this data encrypted outside the network. The data is leaving encrypted, therefore it is not alerting any systems. At this point it cannot be identified who is receiving the stolen data, how long the data has been leaving the network, etc. The only people in the room are you (Supervisor of Elections), the state CISO, and the security vendor sales person and their engineer.

How should the state respond to this breach? What are the next steps you would take as the Supervisor of Elections? What role would you and your team have in the response?

Keep in mind there is an internal response and then external response. Reminder the internal response should contain all the elements of a CSIRT, the external would be a communications to everyone outside the security department, including other state employees and the media. This would be a multi-step approach! Include the actual communication/ press releases, information that would be given to law enforcement, steps the information security team will take internally, what steps elections would take etc.

Your assignment will be 25 to 45 pages APA format

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