Create a research paper that should provide insight and substantive commentary on Cloud Cybersecurity Threats.

This assignment should contain the following three paragraphs:

1. Introduction – Current landscape of cybersecurity and cyber-attacks in the world today

2. Provide an overview of your approved topic (what is it, how does this attack or danger work, why is this a major problem for an organization (i.e. One of the biggest challenges facing cybersecurity today is (insert your topic)

3. Why is this still a threat in society today (why have organizations failed to address this properly, do not discuss the fix or the solution here, just discuss why this issue has lingered so long and still a problem today)

4. Please include a summary and a cover page in addition to the 3 paragraphs above

• Each paragraph should have a minimum of 4 sentences and you must use a minimum of six unique peer-reviewed references total (maximum two from textbooks)

• APA formatting including in-text citations are required and written at a scholarly level

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