guidelines for Research Paper, CMTC 100, Introduction to Communication

Length- Approximately 3 pages of writing + Works Cited page

Format- Font should be standard Arial or Times/New Roman size 12,

double-spaced,1 inch margins

Purpose and Objectives of Assignment:

-To investigate new topics in communication that have particular relevance or

immediate application to your personal skills.

-To develop research, organizational and rhetorical skills.


In order to fulfill the expectations of the assignment, students will find sources that are:

1. Reliable

Check to see that the author is an expert in the field of communication, has

personal experience with the topic, or has recognition for journalistic excellence.

Examples could include academics who conduct ongoing studies, authors who

publish in the field, and consultants.

2. New

The research is recent, innovative, based on emerging trends and builds on

previously established theories of communications. The research should add to,

contradict, or branch out of the information in your text but it should not be the same

as already established theories.

3. Depth and Significance

Choose a source that has sufficient length to establish a thesis and present

evidence. The video or article should present 3-5 subtopics with 3-5 talking points

A print article should include multiple pages in length and talking points to establish

arguments and evidence.

A presentation, interview, or report should last approx. 10 minutes or more and also

(Good sources include TED talks (10 minutes or longer), professional trade journals for

sociologists, psychologists and therapists, longer multi-page feature articles in prestigious

periodicals like the New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly or The Washington Post, among



Your paper will be graded in part by the inclusion of these sections:

1. Intro- a formal rhetorical opening which previews the highlights and organization

of your findings.

2. A report- explain the subtopics and main speaking points of your research.

3. An analysis- Tell the reader about the implications and significance of the


(This research is important because ….)

4. Connection- show how your research connects with a topic in text.

5. Conclusion- end with a formal closure

6. Citation- include periodical references and a bibliography page to cite sources

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