To help prepare: · View the Action Research Study Examples. · Consider how action research compares to traditional models of educational research and how it can open doors for educational exploration. Respond Questions below: Briefly, answer the following questions below. Using APA style and references to support your respond. 200-300 words. How  do you currently involve traditional educational research in your work as an educator? How  might engagement in collaborative teacher inquiry/ action research become a part of your current work as an educator? What  did you notice about the research methods used in the examples you read? What role does research play in educational reform? Does that role shift or change based on the use of traditional research versus action research ? To what degree does promoting positive social change play a role in educational research? Helpful Reference Lawlor, L. A., Hansen, C. C., Zambo, D., & Horn, P. (2015). Empowering teachers and engaging students. Educational Digest, 80 (6), 4–8. Fowler, C., Wu, C., & Lam, W. (2014). Participatory action research : Involving students in parent education. Nurse Education in Practice, 14 (1), 76–81. Gordon, C. A. (2015). Evidence-based stories from school library research and practice: Creating synergy for change. Knowledge Quest, 43 (3), 6–7.

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