As a cyber intelligence analyst, you are tasked to research an Advance Persistent Threat (APT) to access its threat to the US and/or a SCADA system. Within this report, you should determine the following in order to support your analytical conclusion:

  • APT
    • Names
    • Associated Nation State
    • Government Providing Financial Support
  • Status
    • Last Attack
    • Most Known Attack
  • Targets
    • Nation state Targets?
    • Sector targets?
  • Motivation
  • Intent
  • Pattern of Behavior
    • TTPs (Tactics, Technicques and Procedures)
    • Attack Vectors
    • Associated Malware
      • Malware Behavior
      • Vulnerabilities Exploited

After your research is concluded, you should be able to draw a solid analytical conclusion to give your leadership to help them decide if they need to make any further action to protect U.S. networks or at worst, attack back. Also, within your conclusion include a recommendation on what the next steps should be.

If your stance is to defend then an example would be if your APT attacks U.S. universities through social engineering then you could recommend that your agency goes through the proper channels in order to inform universities and to do proper information sharing or recommend social engineering awareness sessions for students etc. If your stance is to attack back then provide a recommendation on how would we fight back and what the benefit would be and how would you go about it without getting caught.

Example Analytical Product:

Here’s a list to begin your research with:

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