1.Take some time and read about the Public Corporation Accounting and Oversight Board at URL PCAOB.org. It was established in response to several accounting scandals at the turn of the century. It was charged with developing auditing standards for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to use in evaluating corporate financial statements. Audit Standard 5 at URL http://pcaobus.org/Standards/Auditing/Pages/Auditi… point 27 makes a statement regarding IT and yearend financial statements. What do you think the relationship between accounting and IT is? Why is it important? How should it be evaluated? 2.The computer world contains hardware or hard assets that we can see and touch and software and other soft assets we can see with the use of hardware but not touch. These soft assets consist of software, data, networks, etc. that a business or government uses to gain competitive advantage. The biggest ethical issues center on these soft assets. If I leave the original data or software intact but take a copy, is that stealing? That may depend upon the culture you live in. Research and Find an ethical issue in IT security (the text has some examples), discuss the problem and propose a solution. (Hint: Can IT security enforce the solution?) Be sure to properly support and document your information. Be sure to research outside your textbook on this subject and properly cite your sources This only needs 2-3 paragraphs per answer. It doesn’t require a lot of writing.

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