Your boss comes up to you and says, “We need to move to the cloud!”.

What do you do? Assume you work for a small to medium sized business, with a small IT department. What aspects do you need to consider when moving your organization to the cloud?

Risks to consider:

1) Regulations that need to be considered (HIPAA, PCI, etc)

2) Who can access your data?

3) Cyberattacks and detection of unauthorized access

4) Legal Contracts and Liabilities (For your organization / for your Cloud provider)

5) Shared access

6) Exploits in virtualization

7) Authentication / Authorization / Access Control

8) Availability (Cloud and Telecom)

9) Cloud Visibility

10) Employment

This assignment on purpose does not actually call out a specific business or vertical. Use your knowledge to develop a scenario in which you can tell your story. This assignment should be brief….meaning 3 to 5 pages max.

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