Pick one of the regulations below give one reason why it is important and one criticism of the regulation. This needs to be your own work.

  • We are looking at corporate information security and privacy regulations. The primary focus is on Sarbanes-Oxley ACT and the reporting requirements.
  • This chapter covers the US federal government’s information security laws. The book focuses on FISMA and the role of the OMB.
  • Contract law. The lecture is a little long, but I included additional information about contract law that you will need to know if you do plan to work in Information security or any IT function needing to create a contract.
  • Criminal Law, Tort Law, and how these areas of the law relate to cybercrime.

I expect 600 words. This does NOT need to be in APA format. This is not a formal paper for academic submission. If you insist on using APA format, then I will expect citations and all the other aspects of an APA paper, and I will grade accordingly. The value of the submission to your grade will remain the same.

You will need to create a post before you can see what others have posted in this forum.

(I had intended to limit the discussions to just a few of the regulations, but this should give you a better chance to find one where you have more of a passion.)

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