Please don’t accept the question without reading the attachment carefully to ensure that you are abled to deliver the paper as requested . Reflective Paper: This 8-10 page paper will allow you to integrate your personal experiences and the scholarly writing on youth political engagement. You will evaluate your service program within the broader framework of the literature on political activism. This paper should take a critical perspective. You will evaluate how well you think the program is doing based on what we know about youth political engagement. Although there is a descriptive element to this assignment (e.g., describing exactly what the program or organization is doing – or what you were assigned to do on your own), your main task is to critically assess the group/organization, using the class readings as assessment tools. Think about what we know about youth political engagement in terms of the factors that encourage or undermine involvement. How well does this group/your project match up? What are the strengths? What are the weaknesses? How might they/you improve? What are the challenges? Are there any untapped resources? In addition, what does this program teach scholars of political engagement? Does it highlight problems or holes in the literature? In addition, you need to write about your own experiences. What did you expect your experience to be like, based on presentations by the Steans Center and my overview? Were these expectations met, or did you have a different reaction once you were there? Did you have any anxiety about this assignment? Did it lessen or grow over time? How do you feel about your own orientation toward engaged citizenship? Did your attitude change over time? Do you think you would like to work with any organization (not necessarily this one) to encourage students to be politically active? Did you feel like your political values are being represented? Does this program/your experience make you feel optimistic or concerned about the future of our democracy? (You may want to use your journal entries to help you here.) ——- the group I worked for is “stop chicago” it cares about the south side community in chicago the strength of it : it is based in the south and established by normal people who live in the south the weakness : not popular , people ignore us when we worked for them , think it is a scam when we want them to sign for something we tried to get signatures for community benefit agreement some links to help you 2017/12/the-community- benefits-agreement.html please check the attachment carefully

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