Reflection journal entries should be no more than 3 pages in length if they are written, or 5 minutes in length if they are produced in another form. please look at the readings for the week that is coming up. Read one of the articles, Then, after you have done the readings, pick 1 concept from those readings. Once you pick a concept from one of those readings, then what you need to do is connect it somehow to an element of popular culture or something in your daily life.  That is all. So basically do: 1.    Pick a concept from the readings from class that are posted. 2.     Write a summary of that concept so that I know you know about that concept from the readings. 3.     Connect that concept to something from your daily life or a piece of popular culture. 4.     Include a works cited page, that can have just the 1 one reading that you used from the course. ” ( you will find the readings attached, just pick one of them please.)

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