each answer should be at least two to three sentence

Proof and Action

  1. Can you add more to it?
  2. What evidence is missing?
  3. Where and how will you find more?
  4. Based on the decisions what actions are you recommending?
  5. What actions will you take?
  6. Are the actions practical and real-world examples?
  7. Provide order to the actions to be taken.


  1. Can the issue/problem be defined differently?
  2. Are there any holes in your diagnosis?
  3. Could a different diagnosis be made?
  4. What’s the biggest downside of your decisions?
  5. What adjustments would you make?
  6. Have you been objective and thorough in your diagnosis and evaluation?
  7. Have you accounted for factors that key individual(s) could not control?
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