We looked at the next statements for class as groups. Determine where you think Gladwell himself falls on the continuum in response to the survey questions (which you took in class) AND briefly explain why you think Gladwell would place himself there, referring to /jotting down specific aspects of the text for your reasoning. I want a page number and a quote as evidence as to why you think the way you do. Try your best at this. This should be in the same Canvas document as the The Meaty Sentence that I tell you about below. I’m not so worried about with format on this.

a. Criminals are personality types and, ultimately, crime is the result of moral
failure – of people who are selfishly insensitive to the norms of society, of
communities and schools and parents who no longer raise children with a
respect for right and wrong.
b. Crime is the result of social injustice, of structural economic inequities, of
unemployment, of racism, of decades of institutional and social neglect.
c. Convictions of your heart and the contents of your thoughts are less
important in guiding your actions than the immediate social context.
d. Peer influence and community influence are more important than family
influence in determining how children turn out.
e. One’s character is the most significant determining factor regarding his/her

1 – strongly disagree 2 – disagree 3 – somewhat disagree
4 – somewhat agree 5 – agree 6 – strongly agree

Write an academic meaty sentence for “The Power of Context” and submit it in Canvas.

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