Read Chapter 6 of the textbook and answer Question 06: Have you ever received an e-mail that indicated someone else had sent out spam with your return e-mail address on it? How would you feel about that?(150 words for the answer this question) comment this 2 article (40 words for each comments) 1- This question raises an interesting dilemma. On one hand every person that owns an access point to the internet should be able to maintain and protect it to a reasonable extent. In one sense the in-action of not protecting your machine, makes you a perpetrator. On the other hand, people being infected by viruses and unknowingly running a program that is harmful to others, is a victim. I would say that the act of running one of these scripts should not be punished, but they should be made to replace or wipe their hard drive for the protection of others on the network. I would say that being involved in a spam emailing service makes you both a victim and a perpetrator. 2-  When I first moved out of my house and into a dorm in Freshman year of college, I had a habit of not locking my door. I didn’t think it was a huge deal because the dorm was in a hidden corner of the building and my roommate had essentially moved out to live with her friend. Typically, it only helped me because there were times when a friend would want to borrow something from my room and if I wasn’t home, I could just tell them to let themselves in. I also had a bad habit of leaving my keys in my pockets, so when I was running late, I didn’t have to worry about digging through my laundry to find the keys. However, once I moved back home a couple years later, I continued that same habit with the front door of my parents’ house, where people actually do try to break in. To fix this, we installed an electronic lock that automatically locks the door after anyone leaves or enters.

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