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Piracy is defined as unauthorized duplication of any type of content which is copyrighted and is then distributed or sold to everyone else through various ‘grey’ markets. And now with the advancement on technology as well as Internet, online piracy has become a real menace in the movie and music industries. Before piracy went digital or online, there used to exist print piracy where the actual content is pirated in hardcopy. And soon, several CDs and DVDs had also fallen prey to piracy (Seeley & Wasoff, 2012).

There are various forms of Internet Piracy. Some of the more famous forms are Auction Site Piracy, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Sites, P2P (Peer-to-Peer), Torrent Sites and Cracks/Serials Sites (“Internet Piracy”). Ever since the advancement of Internet and its services, there are more than the above mentioned forms of piracy available for everyone in the world to use. The Internet plays a grand role in facilitating piracy as it is easily available to anyone and there are almost limitless sites with almost limitless amount of data in them for people all over the world to download and share. Auction Site Piracy basically means when someone tries to sell software or any type of content in an online auction which is usually a counterfeit or a copy of the original content. Some auction sites such as Amazon and eBay continuously are on the lookout for fake or copied content that someone tries to sell on their website. FTP sites are those sites which allow file sharing from one computer to another. Usually the pirates use FTP sites because large sized files can also be transferred through them and downloaded. Similarly, P2P sites are those which allow people to transfer file to each other. Some P2P sites are Napster and LimeWire. Now the torrent sites are similar to P2P but it is used to transfer large amount of data or content. BitTorrent is globally popular and used for the transfer and downloading of data.

In order to understand the involvement of young people in piracy, we need to first understand why does it happen and what makes the young people to use pirated content. The young people are usually students and work part time jobs for some extra pocket money. In the midst of all this, when there is an option available to them to get the content for free instead of having to pay a lot of money, they will undoubtedly download illegal content from the Internet. Let us take TV shows for example; Netflix did bring in a platform for streaming various shows in one website or application for a reasonable amount of fee. But as the audience started to grow, several shows were taken off from the platform to stream in their own websites. Hence, the result of this being that the audience is now compelled to get a subscription to several streaming sites to watch their preferred content which is going to stack up to a considerable amount of fee to be paid (Batt, 2018).

The criminalization of copying and piracy will result in the best interests of those companies which produce the original content be it either in movie or music industries along with TV shows and books. The producers who invested in them and depended on the income that comes from people buying their content are the ones who will benefit from the criminalization of piracy. However, there are also cases of decriminalizing piracy which are prevalent. For instance, in Britain, they have decided not to prosecute the internet pirates for their sharing of files. Although piracy is indeed a problem from an economic standpoint, not every instance of piracy will lead to a financial loss to software or entertainment companies. The pirates who share files persistently will definitely be subjected to warning letters but there will be no other further action against these pirates according to The Independent (Aziz, 2014).


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