Quiz 3 Course 201820 Spring 2018 BMAL 604-B01 LUO Test       Quiz 3 – Course  201820 Spring 2018 BMAL 604-B01 LUO Status   Completed Question 1 In the U.S., the Security Exchange Commission monitors activities of exchange markets and OTC markets. Selected Answer: Question 2 (_________) are used as an alternative to borrowing and lending in the Eurodollar and other offshore markets. Selected Answer: Question 3 Many nations restrict hedging of their currencies due to their national and international policies and interests. Selected Answer: Question 4 Only the USD and Japanese Yen are quoted by one unit price; all other currencies are quoted in one hundred units. Selected Answer: Question 5 Currency arbitrage means buying a currency in one market at a (_____) price and reselling moments later in another market at a (______) price. Selected Answer: Question 6 The Foreign Exchange Market is a market place where the exchange rate is determined and where transactions take place. Selected Answer: Question 7 Forward rates are typically cheaper than spot rates. Selected Answer: Question 8 The end result of the global competition is higher (_______) and lower (_________) for consumers. Selected Answer: Question 9 The (___________) monitors the various companies and organizations that are quoted on the security exchange and make sure they meet the requirements for being listed. Selected Answer: Question 10 In ideal functioning markets, speculation and (_______) assist in the reduction of unavoidable risks associated with uncertainties, such as unemployment, catastrophic losses, and diminished business revenue. Selected Answer: Question 11 The (__________) approves the EU budget and seeks to coordinate the adoption of common economic, defense, and judicial policies across the EU. Selected Answer: Question 12 The objective of the OECD is increasing economic welfare through  the  world by covering issues associated with social work and economic efforts within participating governments and nonparticipating governments. Selected Answer: Question 13 Preferential Trade Areas are suitable in cases where economic structures in signatory nations complement one another and trade in products that do not compete with each other. Selected Answer: Question 14 The (__________) examines and decides on claims brought by the European Commission against member states for noncompliance with EU laws or directives. Selected Answer: Question 15 OAPEC has implemented effective measures to ensure success in different areas of supplying petroleum to nations. Selected Answer: Question 16 Common market includes all of the elements of a (____________) and freedom of movement of the four factors of production. Selected Answer: Question 17 The SACU goals are to maintain the free interchange of goods between signatory nations and provide for a common external tariff and a common excise tariff. Selected Answer: Question 18 The major function of (_______) is to help member countries coordinate oil production in an effort to stabilize the oil market, while achieving a reasonable return on oil investment. Selected Answer: Question 19 The stages of regional economic integration are as follows: Free Trade Agreement, (__________), Common Market, Economic Union, and (_________). Selected Answer: Question 20 History has displayed how conflicts can affect the supply and demand of oil resources, resulting in (______) fluctuation. Selected Answer:

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