Assignment #3- Part 2: Video Report (8 points)- refer to the general assignment description in Part 1 of assignment 3.

CREATE A VIDEO REPORT BASED on an INTERVIEW. Students should identify a specific healthcare employee that has responsibilities to carry out the topic selected. Students should then interview the employee and video record the presentation based on the paper you write.

  • The video should be no longer than 3-4 minutes (you can use a PPT, pictures or another format as background for your video presentation).
  • Students should use “screencast-o-matic” to record the video at This software is free of charge and the product does not need to be uploaded to the Internet.
  • The faculty must approve the utilization of another video recording software before the class starts. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure the software is free of charge, compliant with copy/licensure laws and requirements, ADA accessible, visible to the faculty and other stakeholders as well as compatible with LEO.
  • Students are to create a video “report”. That means the student should be the only person to appear in the video. Students should neither ask an interviewee to be videotaped or have the interview appear on camera in the video. The format of the video is similar to the Introduction Video in Discussion Board #1 where the student is the only person in the video.
  • Students can interview a health care professional in person, via phone, Skype, WebEx, etc. However, students must provide specific identifying information for the interviewee in the video and paper to ensure authentication ie., the interviewee’s full name, employer, etc.
  • Students who do not know or cannot find a healthcare professional that has responsibilities for the topic selected should use UMUC’s Career Quest to locate a healthcare professional to interview at
  • Students should use the Interview Script and Interview Questions for the interview-presentation i.e. make sure you ask the interviewee all the questions on this sheet. See attachment.
  • Students should dress appropriately in the video ie., business casual and conduct the interview in an appropriate environment ie., business or home office.
  • Students should submit the video and the paper by the deadline via the assignment folder.
  • Voice recording is not approved for this assignment.
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