Please answer the following question with 159-200 word with reference DOCTORAL IDENTITY: How is it affected by feedback? Our DQ asks about the emotional aspect of receiving feedback. As this course focuses on our ongoing discussion of doctoral identity, how do you think that receiving feedback helps us to develop our doctoral identity? *remember that to be considered substantive a participation post needs to be 150-250 words and include a cited source. Please reply with 150-200 word with reference 1 Shikha Sehgal 2 posts Re: Module 4 DQ 1 Critique plays an important part in the improvement of a person. Everyday when I teach in my class, I encourage my students to try because even if they give a wrong answer that means they are trying. In that way, they feel confident and invited. Similarly,in the case of doctoral journey positive criticism not only helps to move forward but also increases the confidence of the scholar. Critique not only gives you the ability to improve, but also helps to evolve. According to Caffarella and Barnett (2000), the critique process is the most influential element that helps Doctoral students. This critique process can contribute to our academic success in that it gives us the opportunity to correct any errors that exist. The feedback could be from a mentor or from peers. Peer reviewers can be other scholars in class, professional acquaintances, or someone that has already completed the dissertation process (Waldschmidt, 2018). Caffarella, R. S., & Barnett, B. G. (2000). Teaching doctoral students to become scholarly writers: The importance of giving and receiving critiques. Studies in Higher Education , 25 , 39-51. . Waldschmidt, J. (2018). Reviewing and improving writing (Mechanics of writing). In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: The purposeful path to a successful dissertation . Retrieved from 2. Michele Domagala 2 posts Re: Module 4 DQ 1 In the article, Teaching Doctoral Students to Become Scholarly Writers: the importance of giving and receiving critiques, Caffarella and Barnett (2000) take us through the process of the Scholarly Writing Project (SWP) and how critiquing/peer review is used to teach doctoral students academic writing. In the introduction of the article, Caffarella and Barnett (2000) indicate most universities have an assumption that graduate students know how to “write like scholars” (which many us maybe thought before we started as well), but of course, it most instances that is not true at all. One way we have all learned over the years is from critiquing, whether it is from learning “life skills” or academically from teachers and peers. Critiquing is an important part of learning as Caffarella and Barnett pointed out in their study, but often this style of learning leaves the student emotionally strained and left with skepticism that they are learning or doing anything right. Waldschmidt (2018), indicates critiquing others work is important to the students work and can help in the process of article writing. The feedback is not meant to be taken as criticism, but really a mechanism in which to help enhance one’s writing and to strengthen the article itself. In the SWP study by Caffarella and Barnett (2000), critiquing of peer’s work was meant to be useful, but many students felt a sense of failure and often very emotional from feedback left on their work. At the end of the study, it was evident that critiquing was helpful in leading to an increased awareness of the students writing and confidence in the overall process. If we could all write eloquently and know everything, there would be no need for furthering our education or need to move on from our currently situation in life. Criticism is not always easy to give or receive, but it is an often-necessary part of life. References Caffarella, …

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