Question 1 You can enter the correct range in a function by typing the beginning and ending cell references separated by a ____. Question 2 How many chart types does Excel offer? Question 3 In Excel, a number can contain the characters _____. Question 4 To enter a number such as 6,000,000,000,000,000 you can type 6,000,000,000,000,000 or you can type _____. Question 5 What effect does the Comma Style format have on the selected cells? Question 6 To enter data in a cell, you must first select or activate the _____. Question 7 Pressing the _____ key to complete an entry activates the adjacent cell to the right. Question 8 Clicking the _____ box completes an entry. Question 9 By default, text is _____ in a cell. Question 10 The _____ is the small black square located in the lower-right corner of the heavy border around the active cell. Question 11 In the accompanying figure, the _____ identifies the colors assigned to each bar in the chart on a worksheet. Question 12 To cancel an entire entry before entering it into the cell, press the _____ key. Question 13 A _____ is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or a rectangular group of cells, as shown in the accompanying figure. Question 14 What effect does the Accounting Number Format have on the selected cells? Question 15 The first step in creating an effective worksheet is to make sure you _____. Question 16 Which of the following calculations multiplies 23 by 0.01? Question 17 Which of the following happens when you enter the formula =G15 into a cell? Question 18 To start a new line in a cell, press the _____ keys. Question 19 To copy cell contents, you can select the cell and then press the _____ keys. Question 20 When you enter a two-digit year that is less than 30, Excel changes the year to _____. Question 21 Which of the following is the path to the Conditional Formatting button? Question 22 You can select a range using the keyboard by pressing the _____ key and then an ARROW key. Question 23 Which of the following is the path to the Spelling button? Question 24 All of the following are valid Excel arithmetic operators except _____. Question 25 The adjusted cell references in a copied and pasted formula are called _____ references. Question 26 Which of the following is not a valid format symbol? Question 27 _____ refers to cells not wide enough to display the entire entry. Question 28 Which of the following formulas contains an absolute cell reference? Question 29 In the accompanying figure, the split double arrow mouse pointer _____. Question 30 The _____ function is useful when you want to assign a value to a cell based on a logical test. Question 31 When you set up a worksheet, you should use cell references in formulas whenever possible, rather than _____ values. Question 32 If formulas located in other cells reference cells in a deleted row or column, Excel does not adjust these cell references but instead displays the _____ error message. Question 33 You can press the _____ keys to open the Format Cells dialog box. Question 34 Pressing the _____ key(s) removes the marquee from the source area. Question 35 Which of the following is the path to the Increase or Decrease Indent button? Question 36 The _____ function sums the numbers in the specified range and then divides the sum by the number of cells with numeric values in the range. Question 37 When Excel follows the order of operations, the formula, 8 * 3 + 2, equals _____. Question 38 The _____ function determines the lowest number in a range. Question 39 The _____ function displays the highest value in a range. Question 40 The _____ displays numbers with a fixed dollar sign to the left of the number, a comma every three positions to the left of the decimal point, and displays numbers to the nearest cent.

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