• Compose a 500-word paper answering the following questions and include Christian ethical perspective and biblical support.
  • APA Formart 12 Font
  • Double Spaced
  • The paper should also include the following.

o What are some of the challenges to satisfactorily measuring the quality of care a patient receives?

o In what ways does the focus on TQM/CQI differ from the quality assessment?
o What are some of the key data sources used to measure quality of care? What are some of the strengths and limitations of each?

o What federal initiatives over the last three decades have focused on quality of care (regulating quality, supporting research into quality, or setting standards for quality of care, for example?

o How important is patient satisfaction in measuring the quality of care?
o HEDIS has been described by some as a report card on the quality of care provided my managed care organizations. What are some strengths of HEDIS as a measure of quality of care? Limitations?

o To what extent is the quality of care currently being regulated? By whom? In your view, is more or less regulation of the quality of care needed? Why?

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