For this assignment you will write a clearly worded and complete rationale and purpose statement for a basic qualitative study on the topic: Purpose of Education from Different Perspectives, reflected in the research question: “What is the purpose of education from different perspectives?” You will also come up with one research sub-question , which must be specific to the population that you are interested in. There are multiple research sub-questions that can be generated on the same topic – you need to select one . Use discussion board in Module 3 question 1 to brainstorm ideas and get feedback. After deciding on the sub-question, outline the plan to collect data. Steps: 1. Remember that your sub-question must focus on the purpose (i.e., the reason for which education is done or created and exists). 2. Pick whose understanding/perspective or which practice you are interested in exploring and which specific question you want to answer. 3. Develop a design plan to answer it. This research question and the design plan will guide your interview and the coding of the data in your project. Your submitted assignment must include clearly labeled sections with: A rationale for why it might be important to better understand how ABC [insert whose perspective you are interested in] describe the purpose of education. Stated research objective A qualitative research sub-question that pertains to the above topic. Description of a desired sample – people who would be involved in your research (e.g. principals/students/teachers/parents) and how you would select them. Participant consent letter according to IRB guidelines (see checklist and sample in course readings). Lecture: Qualitative Research Ethics Another great lecture from a colleague who designed the previous edition of this course! Please excuse minor inconsistencies (e.g. course number, module number, etc.)PDF of slides only: RES7700_Module3_Slides.pdf Orb, A., Eisenhauer, L., Wynaden, W. (2000). Ethics in Qualitative Research Attached Files: _03_Orb, Eisenhauer, & Wynaden (2000).pdf (31.799 KB) Read attached article Tufford, L. & Newman, P. (2010). Bracketing in Qualitative Research. Attached Files: _03_Tufford & Newman (2010).pdf (164.123 KB) Read attached article. IRB_Informed_Consent_Checklist Attached Files: _03_IRB_Informed_Consent_Checklist.pdf (16.409 KB) IRB Sample Consent Letter Attached Files: Sample Consent Letter.pdf (75.828 KB)

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