Refer to the “Weight loss” data. 1. Based on the plot of weight loss vs. the number of sessions attended, which of the following apply? (Check any as appropriate.) a. The relationship is positive. b. The relationship is strongly nonlinear. c. Variation levels differ with the number of sessions attended. d. Attending 5 sessions optimizes weight loss. e. There is at least one outlier. f. There is at least one high leverage observation. 2. Based on the simple regression using the number of sessions attended, which of the following apply? (Check any as appropriate.) a. Sessions is a significant linear predictor. b. The percentage of variation in weight loss explained using sessions in the regression is 61.23%. c. Attending more sessions causes higher weight loss. d. The regression equation is ?= -9.49 + 3.6x. e. For a client who attends 10 sessions, the expected (mean) weight gain is more than 20 lbs. f. It would be more appropriate to exclude clients who gained weight from the study. 3. Based on the multiple regression using the number of sessions attended and beginning weight, which of the following apply? (Check any as appropriate.) a. When included with beginning weight, number of sessions attended becomes insignificant in the model. b. At the 5% level of significance, beginning weight is a useful explanatory variable. c. Clients with higher beginning weights tended to lose more weight. d. The overall model explains more than 50% of the variation in weight loss. e. Based on adjusted R 2 , we would prefer the model using only the number of sessions. f. There is severe multicollinearity present. 4. Based on all of the output for the weight loss data, which of the following are accurate statements? (Check any as appropriate.) a. Beginning weight is a stronger predictor than the number of sessions attended. b. Heavier clients need to attend more sessions than lighter clients, since they are in greater need of weight loss. c. We need more than 40 observations to draw any meaningful conclusions. d. Clients should be advised not to attend more than 6 sessions. e. Holding beginning weight constant, each session attended results in more than an additional 3 pound lost on average. f. This model should have been run without an intercept, since no one attended zero sessions and entered with a beginning weight of zero pounds.

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