Assignment: Create a one (1) page reflection paper based on the content of the article.

Questions to consider when drafting your paper (you do not have to use any of these):

  1. How can unconscious biases, stereotypes, or discrimination effect a workplace?
  2. Where do unconscious biases come from? How can you work to understand and prevent bias from effecting you as an employee and/or a leader?
  3. Have you ever met someone (work or otherwise) that had an unconscious (or conscious) bias and how did that effect your perception of them?
  4. In what (if any) professional situations could bias be considered ethical?
  5. Have you ever witnessed a situation in which biases have existed across teams or functions within an organization? Think of Toby from the office and Michael Scott’s impression of him due to his role. How did this effect the team(s)?
  6. Implicit bias/favoritism as it relates to personality style differences with a manager and their subordinates.
  7. As a current or future leader, how would you measure/protect against biases occurring with your people managers and/or their staff?
  8. Can biases occur at the customer level? What effect could this have?
  9. Can bias be a structural/organizational level problem?
  10. Name an individual (such as a celebrity) that appears to be non-biased/neutral. What traits do they possess?

Remember this is a REFLECTION PAPER; summarizing the article will result in a loss of a significant amount of points for this paper.

Note: You must include a bibliography; failure to do so will result in a zero (0) for the assignment. This does not count towards the one (1) page limit.

When drafting your paper, pretend you are submitting your thoughts to a Senior Leader within your organization. As such, you want the information to be concise and to be written as professionally as possible. You do not have to write a traditional paper/essay; use of bullet points are fair game.

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