Help write 500-600 word Essay from the book In MLA Format This Critical Analysis Essay Cu rrent Issues and Enduring Questions, by Sylvan Barnet (Links to an external site.) , Hugo Bedau (Links to an external site.) , John O’Hara (Links to an external site.) ISBN 1319035477 Book is not furnished.  I have provide some input in the attachment. Please don’t use any other references except for ones listed. The video and book. The final exam is based on the essay “In Pursuit of Unhappiness” by Darrin McMahon on pages 737-739 of our textbook. Please answer the following questions in an essay of approximately 500-600 words, using at least one quote from the text. Please also remember to organize your response into paragraphs and spell-check it before submitting. Prompt: According to McMahon, how have people’s ideas about happiness changed in modern times? How does he define happiness? What does happiness mean to you andin a “rat race” chasing happiness as the video “Happiness” in the week 8 module suggests?

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