PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to give the student the experience of exploring and applying management principles to a clinical situation. Suggested length for the paper is approximately 5 pages of text (7 pages maximum), including title page and reference page(s). A minimum of 4 references (peer reviewed; nursing or medical) is required. The policy reviewed is not included as one of the 4 references.

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: The policy paper will be a review of a current policy or procedure from a clinical site. The student will decide (with faculty guidance) the policy or procedure to be studied.

The completed paper will be SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY to TurnItin by the date due as listed on the course calendar. Use of APA formatting (6th Edition, sixth printing) is required. AND

A HARD COPY of the POLICY REVIEWED AND A HARD COPY OF EACH REFERENCE utilized will be turned in on a date and time as listed on the course calendar with further instructions to be announced in class.


Once a policy or procedure has been selected, a thorough review of the literature will be conducted. The title of the policy or procedure to be reviewed must be submitted to Moodle. Students may not review the same policy; policies are selected on a first come, first serve basis. The purpose of this review is to determine the current research indicating best practices for this policy. Evidence from the literature will then be compared to the current policy and recommendations for change will be made.


The body of the paper will consist of four sections. These will also be found on the grading Rubric.

Identification: Identification of the policy or procedure to be reviewed. Summarize the current protocol and explain your interest in studying this topic.

Review of literature: Identify all sources of information that you reviewed and indicate the findings which indicate best practice for this policy.

Analysis of findings: Analyze the information from the literature review and compare findings to the current protocol for the policy.

Proposal: Develop an evidence-based practice proposal and indicate how you would implement that proposal into the clinical setting. Include a plan for change to implement the proposal.

NOTE: Points will be deducted for errors in writing, format, and APA, according to the Kitty DeGree School of Nursing Guidelines for all Written Work. The paper will be evaluated on the depth, clarity, consistency, and logic of the approach and presentation.

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