Psychology in the Real-World Activity Assignment #1
Drugs in the Workplace: Yea or Nay?

The presence of drugs being allowed in the workplace is still a controversial issue in the United States (and throughout the world). For an example of the controversy, please view the following link: An Ivy League Professor’s View on Drugs . Some argue that all drugs are OK; others believe that only certain drugs should be deemed acceptable by an organization’s drug policy. Think of the career you are being trained for at Brookhaven College, and determine if drugs in the workplace would hinder or enhance safety for employees and customers. Be specific on the type of drugs (e.g.: prescribed drugs, illegal drugs and/or both) you plan to address in your argument.

Your grade for this assignment will be based on your submissions addresses the following requirements:

Total Points: 100 Points
Points Breakdown

Content/Structure – 60 Points

  1. Your paper clearly identifies why drugs in the workplace are controversial – 15 Points
  2. Your paper clearly identifies which side you are taking in regard to drugs in the workplace (either for or against drugs in the workplace) – 15 Points
  3. Within your paper you defend your stance with personal examples and/or examples in the news, and scholarly journals articles/books – 15 Points
  4. Your paper is written using a minimum of 750 words, not including the title page, or reference page(s) – 15 Points
    1. Abstract not needed

Grammar/Punctuation – 20 Points

  1. Appropriate grammar and punctuation are used throughout the entire paper
    1. Very few spelling/wrong word choice errors – 10 Points
    2. Very few punctuation/grammatical errors – 10 Points

APA Format – 20 Points

  1. Used a minimum of two scholarly resources – 5 Points
  2. You must have at least two in-text cited references – 5 Points
  3. Proper APA in-text citation formatting within project – 5 Points
  4. Proper APA reference page(s) at the end of project – 5 Points

Professor’s view on drugs link:

Scholarly resources link:…

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