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How can organizational management measure the success of their network security? Please provide an example

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With its extensiveness, there will be a rise in the number of devices that can be used to connect to form a vast network and with the wide network, the users would meet the challenges of the efficient interconnection of the components present in the network. It will also be useful to meet uncertainties in different paradigms such as data representation, balancing the performance and expenses ratio and protecting the authorization factor during transition or usage among the various networking devices (Romanosky, 2016). There is also a concept where physical objects can be actively involved in the service process. The organizational management measures the success with the time period in which the systems are not intruded.

A good example would be IoT. The first and foremost difference between the traditional network and the IoT is its impact on content creation (Kim, 2017). On the other hand, notification or action trigger is vital to consume content in the IoT. Here, the interest of the user matters the most, which is common to the traditional concept as well. With such rapid expansion rate, the Internet of Things and it’s working procedure has become increasingly important for the industry professionals to understand in order to improve the businesses. The IoT is more a generic concept that represents the ability of network devices to spot and gather the data from all over the world and then share it across to process and use accordingly. The Internet of Things is not just a thing for industrial applications, however.

There is a new term that has emerged in the data transfer and network system known as the “Internet of Things”. The idea of smart cities, smartphones and other smart devices had led us to the new security threats and the countermeasures (Konikiewicz & Markowski, 2017). The IoT is considered as a wireless sensor network. It is an object to object communication through radio frequency also known as RFID. The architecture of the internet was used as the architecture of IoT. The difference comes in the scalability which current internet will not be able to handle as compared to IoT.


How can organizational management measure the success of their network security? Please provide an example (see pages 10-11)

Security teams often find it easier to measure risk by following a compliance and audit checklist, however this misconception fails to not only consider the constant nuances of regulations and their requirements of businesses but the advancements of cyber-threats. A business solely scoring its risk management based on compliance criteria is like a person driving in the fog – you may be able to see the general direction of where you are on the road but it won’t be clear what threats actually lie ahead of you.

Taking a risk-based approach

Accurately measuring the effectiveness of security initiatives requires security experts to extensively assess the risk profile of their organization’s entire IT infrastructure. Using this risk-based approach allows an organization’s initial level of security efficacy to be measured, where using metrics such as risk heat mapping or benchmarking against industry best practice are a good starting point. As part of a robust risk management program, regular checks and assessments on the entire IT infrastructure can flag any new risks. However, they can also highlight any practices or controls that have been put in place since the last assessment, and have been effective in reducing the level or risk in a certain area. This does not mean that organizations shouldn’t use more technical metrics and follow compliance and audit checklists though. On the contrary, there is a reason these exist and they shouldn’t be ignored. These metrics, however, need to be used by the relevant teams, in a coordinated fashion and form part of the risk monitoring methods that have been agreed upon based on their risk management road map.

Communication is key

In order for the whole business to be completely aligned with the effectiveness of security programs, the communications of metrics need to be tailored to the various stakeholders within the organization. This means providing related but different views to practitioners, IT managers, business managers and senior leaders.Part of this means agreeing on the business success criteria at the planning stages of a security program. If this has not been carried out already, it is vital that all stakeholder representatives get together to set these expectations. Being able to bridge these gaps not only ensures a common understanding from all levels but also allows cross-functional collaboration. For example, making sure that human resources are aligning security with their business needs so that every welcome pack for new recruits also includes up-to-date security policies or embedding security SLAs when vendor management are in contracts talks with an outsourced IT provider.

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