The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate and select an IT project and create a charter and work breakdown structure associated with the project selected. For this assignment, read the “Running Case” in Chapter 4 of the textbook. Complete the following tasks associated with the “Running Case.” Part 1: Using the “Weighted Decision Matrix Template,” evaluate the four projects by preparing the weighted scoring model on the template. Develop at least four criteria, assign weights to each criterion, assign scores, and then calculate the weighted scores. Print the spreadsheet and bar chart with the results. Prepare a 250-word paper that describes the weighted scoring model and the results. Include justification of the scores and your recommendation and justification for which project should be selected for completion. Part 2: Based upon the recommendations you made in Part 1 of the assignment, senior management has made a preliminary decision to complete the “Global Treps Project,” but it has requested additional information about the project in order to finalize the decision to proceed. Complete the “Business Case Template.” Assume that the project will take 6 months to complete, use many volunteer hours, and cost about $130,000 for hardware, software, travel, and labor. Be sure to research information on the television show and events held by colleges and other groups, which have been sparked by the need for more successful entrepreneurs. Visit the website to see how that site operates and investigate the process for forming a nonprofit organization. When completing the “Business Case Template,” consider the following: Assume you would be the IT project manager for the project and that you want the project to be implemented. Reread the “Global Treps” project description. Review the sample JWD Consulting business case shown on Table 3-2 in Chapter 3 the textbook to ensure all of the proper information is included when completing the “Business Case Template.” Study the “Weighted Decision Matrix Template” results for the project. Assume that the new system must run on existing hardware and software, should require minimal technical support, must be easily accessible by employees, and must be protected from unauthorized users. For the “Analysis of Options and Recommendation” section, consider other possible options if the project is not implemented. For the “Potential Risks” section, consider business risk to the company if the project is not implemented. Be creative in the business case and state any additional assumptions. Part 3: Using the “Project Charter Template,” construct a project charter to formalize the project, provide management with information related to the project objectives and management, and provide an explanation of how organizational resources will be used to complete the project. Recall the assumption that the project will take 6 months to complete and have a budget of $130,000. You will be the project manager, and Dr. K. will be the project sponsor. Other team members will include Bobby, Ashok, Kim, and Alfreda. You will conduct four shark tank-like events and you will develop the Global Treps site and application. Review the next-gen DNA-sequencing instrument project charter shown on Table 4-1 in Chapter 4 of the textbook to ensure that you include all of the essential elements of a project charter. Part 4: Complete the “Work Breakdown Structure Template” using the information from the project charter and other relevant information from the Chapter 4 “Running Case.” Break the work down to Level 3 or Level 4, as appropriate for the project. Here is the chapter 4 Running Case Note: Additional running cases are provided on the Companion website, including the Manage Your Health, Inc. case from the seventh edition of this text, now with updated tasks based on this edition. Template files are also available on the Companion website. This running case starts here and continues throu…

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