Complete the following items using a project management software application. Review Chapter 3, Case Study 1: JWD Consulting’s Project Management Intranet Site Project (Predictive Approach) in the textbook. Refer to the Table of Contents for specific pages. Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project. For more guidance, refer to the Creating the Work Breakdown Structure section in Chapter 5 in the textbook. Save your file in . mpp (Microsoft Project Plan) format as PC_Lab2_doc1. Create a preliminary Gantt Chart. List each task. Create sub-tasks to automatically define the summary tasks. Refer to the example provided in Figure 3.3 in the textbook. Link the tasks to create a beginning time line. For more guidance, refer to Appendix A in the textbook. Save your file in . mpp (Microsoft Project Plan) format as PC_Lab2_doc2.

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