Often Project Management is a challenging (impossible) task.

You start your project and then scope is added, the time line is reduced, or you are told to do the project with less money (people).

Here is what I want you to discuss:

What tools, policies, and best practices are available for a project manager to ensure project success, when upper level management are requiring negative changes to a project (scope is added, the time line is reduced, or you are told to do the project with less money (people)). You can create examples of challenges in the line of ‘Cost, Schedule, and Quality’. You should find at least one example of each of the three categories and then present the solution (tools, policies, and best practices ) to the challenge.

In your paper, you should be citing the book often – at least 6 times though.

Use APA 6 (APA) rules.

Your word count needs to be at least 1,200 words, but no more that 1,350 words, excluding title page and reference page.

Half the points are based on the quality of your work.

Half of the points are based on following APA rules.

There will be a 2 points deduction for each APA issue, including each citation (you need to include the page number in you citations). If you make mistakes on all 6 required citations, the grade deduction for that would be 8%. Please note, this is a mid term project.

You need a title page and a reference page.

You do not need an abstract. If you decided to include an abstract, it will not count towards the word count.

5 point deduction for each up to 50 words below word count.

5 point deduction if you go above 1,350 in the word count.

The assignment is worth 150 points.

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