Project 4 – Research an emerging technology or visit a tech museum

There are 2 options for this project. Complete 1 of them. Do not complete both.

Option 1 – Research an emerging technology and write a summary report

For this option, you will be doing some research and writing about an emerging technology. You get to pick the specific topic to write about. The possibilities are quite numerous and diverse, and could include news item about hardware, software, communications, cybersecurity, etc. Feel free to choose a technology that interests you.

Gather your facts from at least two trusted online sources.

Here are some ideas for trending topics. Do not limit yourself to this list.

 Data science  Big Data  Artificial Intelligence (AI)  Virtual Reality (VR)  Augmented Reality (AR)  Autonomous vehicles  3D printing  Cybersecurity issues

There are actually two reasons I’m having you complete this project: (1) to have you explore some invention or discovery that may seriously affect you and me, and (2) to have you demonstrate that you know how to use Internet-based tools for research in an effective way (one of the Student Learning Outcomes for this class, by the way).

It’s not just about using Google to find millions of links about some emerging technology, but it can – and should – involve other online sources of information, and ways you use to get to that information.

I’m equally interested in reading about the new technology you choose – it’s one of the best ways I keep learning about the things that are changing in the Information Technology (IT) field – and also seeing how you go about getting the information.

To address the second part from above, I thought I’d provide a list of some of the web sites I frequently use for doing research about emerging technologies and trends in the industry. Here they are, in no particular order: – contains links to some great scientific research news  – one of the best publications with news about the IT industry  – also a great source of IT industry news  – yet another good publication with IT news  – information for organizations that sell IT products  – even one more publication with the latest news  – my personal favorite for many years  – the focus is on more “pop” and off-beat technology news  – quick news items about the world of web-based IT products  – great stories about types of classes we teach at CSM

A tech addict’s paradise, indeed!

I recently discovered one of the best and most interesting technology sites I’ve ever seen. This site describes itself as offering the “latest news, infographics, and videos on the science and technology that are shaping the future of humanity, including AI, robotics and virtual reality.” True to their word, the site is:

Take a look at this site. It might be useful for this project – and beyond.

Write a report about the emerging technology you have chosen, and also include a detailed description of the online research tools you used. Your report should be a minimum of 2 full pages, single spaced, using Times Roman 12 point font. Create a PDF file from the word processing program and submit it via Canvas.

Option 2 – Visit a tech museum and write a summary report

The San Francisco Bay Area has a rich history of technology and innovation. We are very lucky to live near some major technology higher education centers, including U.C. Berkeley and Stanford University. The latter is often viewed as the birthplace of the “Silicon Valley.”

Our proximity to innovative organizations has also given us some amazing places for us to visit to see and discover some of this technology – the technology museums of the Bay Area. For this option, visit one of these museums and write a report that describes the museum and your experience. Note that some of these places require an admission fee.

The most obvious place to visit is:

Computer History Museum (Mountain View)

Other suggestions include:

 The Exploratorium (San Francisco)  Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley)  The Tech Museum of Innovation (San Jose)  Intel Museum (Santa Clara)

Write a report that includes descriptions of the technology and computer exhibits that you found to be the best at covering the topics that are closely related to this class. Your report should be a minimum of 2 full pages, single spaced, using Times Roman 12 point font. Create a PDF file from the word processing program and submit it via Canvas.

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