Thesis Proposal Due: Sunday by 11:59pm

Please submit the following thesis proposal for Essay 1. If you need more support in crafting your thesis statement, click here for a refresher: Review PowerPoints: Essay Format & Tips on Writing

NOTE: If you do not submit a thesis proposal, your essay is considered not complete. If you do not ask for an extension on the proposal or you do not submit one, your essay will automatically lose 10 points.

Your thesis proposal must include the following two things:

  1. Which sources are you using for the essay? (Remember you need to use at least two, and they can be either articles or TED Talks.)
  2. Your working thesis answering the question: Is social media, overall, beneficial or harmful to modern day activism?

You also may include in your thesis proposal any questions you may have about the essay or how to be successful with the essay.

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