As a tenured special education teacher at the local public school you have been a key part of the of the multidisciplinary team process for the assessment of Manuel.  You have been able to work closely with Mr. Franklin, one of Manuel’s teachers.  You have contributed to the formal assessment process for this student who has exhibited learning challenges over a period of time.  As a result, you are now able to use this data to make informed decisions about his possible eligibility for special education services and the determination of the individualized supports. As you become more competent in your field it is likely that you will be asked to create formal or informal presentations for families, teachers, or other professionals.  Imagine that you have been asked to present “The Case of Manuel” at a local workshop for the purpose of explaining the requirements of the assessment process, the components of the evaluation report, and how to base instructional recommendations based upon the data collected through the evaluation process. Instructions: For your final project you will create a presentation (Powerpoint with Speaker’s Notes) explaining the requirements of the assessment and evaluation process and how to construct instructional recommendations based upon the data collected through the evaluation process.  To do this, you will synthesize your own personal and professional experiences, current research, and the knowledge learned throughout this course. Use the instructions below for the content and written communication expectations for the presentation.  Before submission, review your assignment using the Grading Rubric to insure it meets the expectations for distinguished performance.  If you have questions about the assignment or the rubric, please contact your Instructor using the “ Ask Your Instructor ” discussion before the due date. Content Expectations: Using information from your experiences with Manuel, create a presentation (14-15 slides in length) suitable for general education teachers and parents with children in special education settings.  Include speaker’s notes on each slide with scholarly citations written in APA 6th edition format to support your statements. Use at least 10 scholarly sources to support your position pertaining to the evaluation and assessment process for students with mild to moderate disabilities.  The references must include: Current research on the evaluation and assessment process, At least one researched strategy for parent involvement, and At least one researched strategy for ensuring that your assessment and evaluation methods are both valid and reliable. In addition to the above general requirements, your presentation must contain the following specific elements: A title slide with the following information (1 slide): Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Concise statement of the purpose of the presentation (1 slide). Synopsis of the historical perspectives, current legal and ethical standards, and landmark cases that impacted the assessment and evaluation procedures used in the case of Manuel (2 slides). Description of the multidisciplinary assessment process that drove the planning and development of Manuel’s individualized education program (2 slides). Explanation of how the special educator’s role within the multidisciplinary assessment and evaluation process contributes to the development of an appropriate program (2 slides). Summary of how the multidisciplinary team analyzed assessment findings to identify Manuel’s strengths and areas of need (2 slides). Comparison of the characteristics of the diverse assessment methods used as diagnostic tools to evaluate, monitor, and guide the development of Manuel’s Individualized Education Program, including the classroom instruction strategies implemented by the teachers (2 slides). Critique of the safeguards that assure special education ethical evaluation and assessmen…

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