Overview The human factors course readings and your research paper introduce  strategies to creating safety in the aviation and aerospace industry. In  this activity, you will prepare a presentation on your research paper  and what you learned in this module. Video Although dated, watch this video. Ergonomics and Design (YouTube 20:22) Instructions After watching the video and considering the reading material: Consider how to address the ergonomics and human factors issues of your topic. Finally, analyze man-machine interfaces and show some technologies  in operator performance being used today and emerging technologies of  the future, based on your topic and aviation safety. To help understand what is expected in this presentation, consider  your research paper, determine if the human and machine interact in some  part of your research, and explain the overall aspect of it. Your presentation should consist of approximately 7-10 slides (not including the title slide and the reference slide), with a suggested length of 3-5 minutes of audio, overall. The information should be  properly cited and referenced using the current APA edition.

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