Presentation of Assessment Plan Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan What can you accomplish with your new knowledge of assessment and evaluation in higher education? Upon completion of this course, you will be able to utilize your knowledge of assessment and evaluation in a position in higher or adult education, either now or in the future. Those who can plan and implement assessment effectively are in demand, for assessment is necessary to establish accountability and to generate improvement in education. Accordingly, your course project is to consist of two components. The first is a real-world, on-the-job presentation of a practical plan that you are encouraged to propose for implementation either in your current position or in the future. The second component of your course project is a paper that explains your rationale for the decisions you made as you designed your plan. For the presentation of your Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan, convert the plan, compiled from your Unit 6 and Unit 8 assignments and Units 8 and 9 discussions, into a PowerPoint or a Kaltura presentation. Create the presentation for a specific audience, such as a committee, an advisory board or a board of directors, or staff or faculty attending a department meeting. Be sure to follow the instructions for constructing the presentation carefully, for this is to be a professional presentation. In the second component of your course project, the Rationale Paper, you will explain and support the decisions you made for your Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan. This Rationale Paper should begin with an introduction that explains the meaning and value of assessment, examines common misconceptions about assessment, and presents strategies for engaging faculty or staff members in assessment efforts. You will use your Unit 3 assignment to create the content of this introduction. The remaining sections of the paper will align with the sections of the Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan, providing a rationale for what you propose in each section of your plan. Remember that the purpose of presenting your plan is to convince the decision-makers in your audience to consider implementing your plan. Both components of your course project are to be well supported by the required course readings, because when we develop assessment, we establish our credibility by using and citing authoritative sources. Instructions Submit the following as your course project: Component 1: Presentation of Assessment and Evaluation of Learning Plan Create slides to present the content below. You have already developed most content throughout this course; be sure to incorporate instructor feedback on previous assignments as you make needed revisions and convert the content to PowerPoint slides. Include talking points, either by posting them in the comments section under each slide OR by recording them directly on the slides, to represent what you will be speaking during the presentation. Use a format appropriate for a PowerPoint presentation (see the Resources) as you develop the following content: An introduction of the program, course, department, or experience for which you are proposing this assessment plan. The introduction is also to present an explanation of the Assessment and Evaluation Cycle for your plan to assess learning outcomes. The learning goals that students or trainees are to achieve. The means of measuring achievement of the goals (assessment instruments, each of which is clearly related to the respective goals that they are intended to measure). The standards and/or targets used to define successful achievement. The internal and external stakeholders and their roles in the assessment effort. The steps needed to plan and develop the assessment effort before its actual implementation (the action plan). Proposed strategies to disseminate the results of the assessment. The connection of the assessment effort to the effectiveness of…

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