In this activity, you will develop a formal presentation that communicates the overall scope of the Project and an understanding of the applicable Core Program Outcomes as they relate to your project. The last slide of the presentation will be a one slide SWOT analysis of your project from the student perspective. You will develop the SWOT analysis from the guidelines provided. The required formal presentation should not be any longer than 15 minutes in duration. The scope of the presentation is largely dependent upon the project itself. It should be of sufficient detail to fully explain the scope of the project as it relates to the Core Program Outcomes. It is recommended that one slide is used for each Core Program Outcome and one for the SWOT. The presentation will include an explanation of the student’s critical SWOT analysis as it relates to the project. Core Program Outcomes: 1. Aeronautical Science: The student will show evidence of advanced concepts of aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics to solve problems commonly found in their respective industries. 2. Aviation Legislation and Law: The student will show evidence of the basic concepts in national and international legislation and law as they pertain to the aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics industries. 3. Aviation Safety: The student will show evidence of basic concepts in aviation safety as they pertain to the aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics industry. 4. Aviation Management and Operations: The student will show evidence of sound, ethical, management principles within standard aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics operations. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis: This presentation must address the core program outcomes; as part of this presentation, you will use critical thinking to present a SWOT analysis of your project highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your problem-solving project. Perform a SWOT analysis using your project as the base of your analysis. Use a quadrant style format to conduct the SWOT analysis. You may use the SWOT template attached as a guide but it is not a requirement. Your analysis of your project must include a minimum of three bullet points for each of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Afterwards, compile a brief summary of your SWOT analyses into a one-page document. Provide relevant details from the SWOT analyses to support your choices. Be sure to answer the following questions: Does your project have unacceptable weaknesses or threats? Are the strengths and opportunities better for one of the platforms?

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