Please evaluate and upload three sources that support your proposal.

  • One must address the need/problem/opportunity you intend to address.
    • This can be primary research you conduct or information you find in a written source.
  • One must address your audience’s position, mission, concerns, motivations, priorities, etc.
    • For instance, if you are proposing a new one-credit course in the Fox School, then your audience should be the Fox department chair/administrators who would develop the course (and will, in turn, propose this course to the Dean’s office). So the web-page for this department/program would suffice as a source, as long as it includes substantive information about the program offerings.
    • Alternatively, if—for example—you’re proposing an internship at a company you work for, your audience may be your manager, in which case an interview with him/her/them would suffice as a valid source.
  • One must analyze or address the market (i.e. what other companies/organizations are doing in relation to your idea).

For each source, include:

  • A brief summary of the source
    • What are the main arguments/ideas? If someone asked you about the content in this source, how would you answer?
  • A brief assessment of the source
    • Verify that the source is credible by analyzing and explaining what makes the source authoritative, what makes the source’s information and/or methodology reliable, and what the source’s intentions or agenda may be in publishing the information.
    • Reference the “Research 101” handout for further explanation on how to assess sources.
  • A brief reflection on how you will use this source for your proposal.

For each source, include a citation using APA style. Beyond that citation, all info you provide should be in complete sentences. You should use the template posted on Canvas to ensure all necessary details are clear and accounted for in your submission.

Note: please see the Purdue OWL’s page on annotated bibliographies for more information at (Links to an external site.).

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