Module two covers word analysis, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. It is important that reading comprehension instruction teach reading strategies and then supports students application of strategies in reading different genres. In addition, comprehension is dependent on the readers ability to decode automatically, understand the vocabulary encountered and to read fluently. To demonstrate your knowledge of this, the practicum for module two will be to: Write a reading comprehension lesson plan. Design two literacy centers that will support student’s word analysis and fluency. To complete the practicum you will need: Practicum 2 Instruction Page.pdf : includes the TEKS Vertical Alignment standard that your lesson plan should cover, and instructions for completing the practicum. Practicum two exemplar.pdf : includes a complete lesson plan covering a separate reading standard from the TEKS and two literacy centers. Practicum Two Rubric.pdf : The rubric will be used to assess this practicum and assign a grade. Use this rubric as a guide as you complete this practicum. ELAR_TEKS_K-12.pdf : The English Language Arts and Reading Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills document from which the assignment examples came.  This is reference for you if you are not able to read the examples in the documents provided.

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