Create a script, which has the following features and functionality listed below. Comment block : Set up comments using the standard format in a <# and #> container, which should contains a synopsis, description, and at least one example which shows how to run the script. Set up an array: Put values in the array $ComputerNames, containing the names of two computers: DC1 and W10-CLIENT. Prompt for user’s name : Use the text Please enter your first name , store the value the user will provide in a variable named $FirstName , and write out the text Hello followed by a space, followed by the name entered. Prompt for report type, and store value provided : Ask the user to enter AD if the information on Active Directory Users is required, and WMI for Windows Machine Instrumentation. Store the answer provided in variable $ReportType Confirm report selection : If an Active Directory report was requested, on a new line print the message “A list of all AD users was requested for computers ” followed by the contents of the $ComputerNames array. If a Windows Machine Instrumentation report was request, on a new line write the message “A list of all processes was requested.” Print a “Thank You” Message on a new line : Before stopping, the script should display the message Thank you followed by a space then the value in  variable $FirstName followed by another space and the text for using this program.

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