To Begin:

  1. Intellectual Property (skim the corresponding sections of Do More Faster and Art of The Start).

Assignment – Search patents (Google patents (Links to an external site.)) and document one patent that exists relative to a physical product related to the carabiner. Summarize what you believe the patent covers. Does the patent provide a competitive advantage? Is there an opportunity for IP to be created, either in the physical product or the method it is applied?

  1. Specifications

How many pieces go into the creation of the basic carabiner? In Question 1- how does the market need correspond to the specifications of the product? Specifically, what is each piece of the product? What is something specific about the materials? What do you estimate to be the measurable aspects of that component (i.e. weight tolerance for a mountain climber versus a grade school backpack?)?

Complete specifications table below for the patented product and turn in with your presentation to the appropriate link.

Product Specifications worksheet.docx


  1. Presentation- pretend you work in product development for a large corporation. Your boss has approached you and asked you to research this potential product and report your research to the team. Create a presentation about the new product you found on google patent, with the intent of encouraging your team to invest in its development.

Your ppt should have one slide for each of the following:

  • The market definition for your new carabiner product.
  • The market size for your product.
  • A summary of measurable attributes related to the market that translate into product design.
  • Intellectual property summary (a summary of questions 1 and 2 above)
  • Pricing and market test strategy.
  • Statement of competitive advantage.
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