Choose a company that is known for exemplary service. Several companies are highlighted in your textbook and you can find books in the business section of any book store that will publish their management strategies. In a power point format, present the mission, vision, and core values of the company; their secrets to success, and if one is in your area, do a site visit. Discuss what makes them stand out from the crowd, find what others are saying about them and check to see if they have a social media following, if so, discuss the numbers of followers and engagement/activity produced by the company. Use at least 2 additional resources other than your text book, cite these correctly in APA format & list them in alphabetical order on the reference page. Use pictures that are relevant to the subject being discussed. [15 slide minimum of content; title & references should be in addition to the 15 minimum slide required].

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Presentation should consist of at least 15 slides.
    • Mandatory slides:
      • Introduction of company, mission/vision/values, success secrets, examples of excellent service, site visit (if possible), reviews from patrons, social media presence & analytics, summation, & reference page.
    • Make sure that slides are readable and formatting is consistent.
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