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Sexually violent predators are among the most feared and the most ridiculed individuals in our society. Some states have enacted legislation to allow civil commitment of sexually violent predators once they have been released from prison. After conducting your own research, form an opinion on this topic and present an argument reflecting your position for or against the civil commitment of sexually violent predators in a 1,400-4-persuasive essay.

Cite at least three professional sources to support your argument. Your paper should be formatted in APA 6th edition.


Alleyne, J. E., Joshi, K. G., & Gehle, M. E. (2016). Expert witness testimony in civil commitment hearings for sexually dangerous individuals. Journal Of The American Academy Of Psychiatry And The Law, 44(2), 265-267.

Lieb, R. & Matson, S. (1998). Sexual predator commitment laws in the United States: 1998 update. Retrieved from

Wrighten, S. A., Al-Barwani, M. B., Moran, R. R., McKee, G. R., & Dwyer, R. G. (2015). Sexually violent predators and civil commitment: is selection evidence based? Journal Of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, 26(5), 652-666

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