Purpose The purpose of the political competency development plan is the opportunity to reflect upon and translate skills that have been acquired through education, professional nursing experience, and life experiences into political action to improve healthcare outcomes. This development plan should focus on areas of strength and opportunities for continued growth and development to build political capital and practice readiness as a DNP practice scholar. Course Outcomes This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes: CO 3: Demonstrate collaborative leadership as a political resource in the development and implementation of health care policy to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes. (PO 9) CO 4: Build political competency to enhance and support professional identity formation. (PO 2) CO 5: Advocate for value-based, equitable, and ethical health policies at the micro-, meso-, and macrosystem levels. (PO 9) Due Date(s) The Late Assignment Policy applies to this assignment. The competency development plan is due at 11:59 p.m. (MT) at the conclusion of Week 5. Total points possible: 350 Preparing the Assignment Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions. It is each student’s responsibility to save and maintain all artifacts required in the ePortfolio. The development of political competency is an important attribute to the DNP Leader as it will serve as a guiding framework for the development of learning and skills congruent with gaining political experience. Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions. For this assignment, use the guidelines provided by Warner (2003) on designing a political competency development plan. Include a title page, body content, and full reference list. Paper should be between 5-7 pages long (not including title and reference page). Include a minimum of at least 4 scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles. Use the following subheadings to organize the content of your paper: Nursing Expertise & Health Policy Advocacy Competency Development Plan Conclusion References The assignment should include the following components: Title page Introduction Introduce topic of paper Present the value of the political competency development plan to support professional formation of the DNP practice scholar Purpose statement Nursing Expertise & Health Policy Advocacy (4-6 paragraphs, well-cited) Discuss the impact of social determinants on health and health policy Present the value of understanding health policy for DNP practice scholars Explore the influence of nursing expertise and advocacy in the development of health policy Discuss the importance of political competence for DNP practice scholars Competency Development Plan (6-8 paragraphs) Discuss each of the six areas and provide a specific plan to enhance your political competency in each. Be specific with at least two specific action steps in each of the performance areas: Nursing Expertise as Valued Currency Networking Powerful Persuasion Collective Strength: Grass roots, special interest groups, and coalition development Strategic Perspective: Developing a strategic perspective and ability to provide perspective (analysis with policy brief) on a health care policy driven using evidence (to support recommendations or revision) and community need as demonstrated through social determinants in health Perseverance: Discuss what a “win” looks like to you and how can you better develop your awareness of political gains despite not getting all you expected from the political process Conclusion Well-rounded and comprehensive conclusion Summarizes the paper Provides a call to action Clarity of Writing Use standard English grammar and sentence structure There should be no spelling errors or typographical errors Paper should be organized around the required components u…

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