Check the reading stuff first which I upload, it is including the case background and outside readings. Policy Review Memo Template (3 single spaced pages) Subject (one short paragraph): Offer a brief statement about the significance of the issue as it relates to U.S. foreign policy and national security. Provide just enough information about the crisis so the reader can understand your memo’s purpose and importance. Be sure to include an initial statement of whether you agree or disagree with the president’s decision. Options and Analysis (one paragraph per option): Present and analyze the options that were discussed during the debate, deliberation, and/or wrap-up. Discuss their drawbacks, benefits, and resource needs. Try to avoid extensive repetition of the options you discussed in your position memo. Be sure to acknowledge any weaknesses or disadvantages of the proposed options. Recommendation and Justification (two paragraphs): Identify and explain your preferred policy option(s) in more detail. Here, you can explain why you favor one or more of the recommendations that you initially presented or the president chose, or different options entirely. If you choose to support the options you presented in your position memo, make sure to justify why you feel yours is still the best position. Reflection (one to two paragraphs): Does your position align with the PD? If so, discuss how they are similar, and if not, how they are different. Use this section to give your thoughts on what the president should have included in his PD, and/or what you would have done differently. Remember, this is from your point of view; you are no longer advocating on behalf of a department or agency. SAMPLE POLICY REVIEW MEMO SUBJECT: U.S. policy toward Soviet missiles in Cuba This memorandum reviews the president’s decision regarding U.S. action against offensive Soviet military activity in Cuba. American U-2 reconnaissance has provided evidence of MiG fighter jets, IL-28 bombers, and sites for SS-4 and SS-5 missiles that are capable of launching against Washington and other U.S. cities within eighteen hours. The president should revise his orders and launch a full-scale invasion of Cuba to stop all missile activity, destroy existing equipment, prevent a nuclear attack on the United States, and clearly demonstrate to the Soviet Union that its actions will not be tolerated. OPTIONS AND ANALYSIS: During National Security Council (NSC) deliberations, officials debated a range of options for responding to the Soviet military threat in Cuba, including diplomatic negotiations, a naval quarantine, air strikes, and a full-scale ground invasion. The president ordered a naval quarantine of Cuba supported by military preparation and diplomatic initiatives, but that is insufficient. Diplomacy in the face of significant Soviet aggression will make the United States look weak. Though seemingly low risk, this option is impractical and potentially catastrophic. While the United States pursues discussions with the Soviet Union, that country will be able to reinforce its military capabilities in Cuba and could potentially launch its missiles at the United States, causing millions of casualties and undermining the very purpose of a diplomatic initiative. The Soviet Union has made clear the gravity and scope of its intentions and the United States should respond in kind—not with talks, but with military action. The president has partially agreed by establishing a naval quarantine and ordering military preparations. However, these measures are insufficient to curb Soviet military activity in Cuba. A quarantine can stop further deliveries of military supplies to Cuba, but can neither destroy existing Soviet installations nor prevent expansion of them using equipment already in place. Furthermore, the CIA believes that Soviet submarines may still be able to deliver new equipment to Cuba in spite of a quarantine, rendering that option ineffective. Military pr…

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