Creative Expression of Self

Goal:To create and present a creative expression of your life that gives our class a sense of who you have been, are currently, and want to become. How can you symbolically represent the following:What has composed your life so far? What are your values and what matters most to you? What is your image of what you would like your life to consist of in the future? When you “become yourself”–who do you want to that to be?


  • Spend a bit of time paying attention to important symbols, metaphors, objects that best symbolize what has been, is and will be significant to you as it relates to composing a life.What will best give the class a sense of who you were, are and want to be?
  • Consider how you can best incorporate elements, principles and colors to represent you, your emotions, your mental state, and characteristics into your creative expression.Be sure to title your piece as well. What are you trying to convey through the use of all of this? Also think about Parker Palmer’s reading regarding inherent gifts and vocation and Fogarty’s reading Art Matters.
  • Create a representation of what you value, and what has made you who you are and your dreams for the future.Be creative! No collections of your photographs or re-use of social media items, please. This should be an original artistic/creative work made for this assignment, not something you’ve previously created. Please remember that this offers a wide range of how you can express yourself… visual (painting, drawing, textiles, etc.), written work such as poetry or rap, music, and performance art.
  • These projects will be shared via the Brightspace/D2L discussion board. Take a picture of your creation and post it to the discussion board (or upload a document or a link to the performance or sound recording, etc.) Use whatever method best captures the essence of your creation and shares it with the class. With this in mind, please share only what you are willing to with the class. We want to respect that some cultures and individuals are more private than others, while still challenging you to stretch your comfort zone.
  • Along with this image or link, provide a description and reflect upon (in 6-8 sentences) what your creative expression tells us about who you are or who you will be. Be sure to title your reflection with the same title as your creative piece, so that we can track both your creative piece and your reflection easily. Reflect on such questions as: How and why did you choose to do/share what you did – both the content and materials genre? What does your creative expression say about you – past, present and future?How did you incorporate elements, principles and color into your artistic expression?
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