1.Select the article.

A. Find a news article published during our current semester in one of these sources and only these sources: Bloomberg, The Economist, New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, Houston Chronicle, Texas Monthly, or Wall Street Journal. The article must describe a business situation that has ethical and legal implications. The topic must be relevant to business professionals who will make corporate management decisions.

NOTE: If you do not know how to access the periodicals listed above, go on the Library homepage and attempt your search in Periodicals. If unsuccessful, contact the Research Librarian for assistance. The Library online chat function is usually available and is usually answered within a few minutes.

B. Provide the article link in slide 1. If I am unable to locate and open the article, the assignment will receive a zero grade.

2.Describe the ethical and legal problem(s) or issue(s) presented in the article.

You may use the following questions as a guide, and may include other comments as you see fit:

What went wrong with the business decision(s) and/or action(s) described in your article?

Why is the organization now in the public spotlight? Which laws and/or administrative agency regulations are allegedly broken? (You do not need to research the law itself. Example, you could say something like ‘the banking regulations under Dodd-Frank Act’ or ‘financial regulations from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.’

What ethical failure(s) does the behavior represent? Why is the behavior unacceptable or harmful? Does it hurt the company, its employees, its shareholders, the industry, the community? What opinions do you have about the behavior(s)?

3.Identify and briefly explain the moral theories and ethical principles described in your text and in the professor’s posted lecture.

Demonstrate that you understand what these theories and principles mean and how they could be used my management in making business decisions.

4.Select one theory or principle to apply to the situation described in your article. This selection is your opinion of a management principle likely to prevent future problems like those described in your article.

In other words, if you are the top management decision-maker, what actions and policies do you want your company/employees to take when they find themselves facing this or similar issues? Identify the specific behaviors you want to see. What are your reasons (ethical/moral and legal) for recommending/ordering this course of action? Hopefully you learned in BA 3301 that governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) are inextricably linked, so to manage risk and achieve compliance with regulations and corporate values, you must make use concrete principles to guide management decisions.

Use your selected article about a legal/ethical compliance failure to create 5 – 7 power point slides explaining the management problem described in your article. Identify the laws/regulations violated. Identify the ethics theories or principles management could use to create a solution to this issue. Select one theory or principle upon which you base a recommended course of action to prevent this problem from occurring in the future. Be sure to clearly identify the ethics theory or principle you base your solution on.

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