• You are in the business of building a better, more sophisticated toaster oven. Your dream is to one day be able to replace the Blender, Toaster, Coffee Maker and food processes with one counter top device. Needless to say.. you have not been overly successful as of yet. Your revenue stream is limited to your one invention, a coffee maker that roasts the beans for you providing for optimal taste. You know that one day you, and your three competitors in the all in one kitchen device market will make it big. But.. YOU want to be the first. You’re niece who is a math major at MIT told you how you might be able to use math to test your devices electricity use, heat generated, likelihood to blow up your kitchen using a computer vs. having to manually create working models of your devices. What you need to know, without looking like the stupid uncle, is.. What the heck is a GRID? Does anyone REALLY use math and computer models to create things before the build them? If so.. Who and how do they split up the work because right now you have three other employees whose full time job is model creation. And lastly.. is this something that maybe you could patented and “lease” out the usage of it to your competitors?
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