This is an individual assignment. Show your work for all problems. 1. Suppose we have 212 bytes of virtual memory and 28 bytes of physical main memory. Suppose the page size is 24 bytes. a) How many pages are there in virtual memory? b) How many page frames are there in main memory? c) How many entries are in the page table for a process that uses all of virtual memory? 2. Suppose a byte-addressable computer using set associative cache has 221 byes of main memory and a cache of 64 blocks, where each cache block contains 4 bytes. If this cache is 2-way set associative, what is the format of a memory address as seen by the cache, that is, what are the sizes of the tag, set, and offset fields? 3. Calculate the overall speedup of a system that spends 50% of its time in calculations with a processor upgrade that provides for 100% greater throughput. 4. Name the four types of I/O architectures. Where are each of these typically used and why are they used there? 5. Suppose you need to back up 50 TB of shared network drives frequently. Find the best solution using a backup tape technology. Compare to an external hard drive array solution. a) what are the costs of the two solutions, including media for 15 tapes for the first solution. b) how long would it take to back up the network drives for both solutions? c) which one would you select and why? 6. What are the differences among multiprogramming, multithreading, and multiprocessing? 7. Find a review journal article on quantum computing from within the last five years. What is the state of its maturity and uses? The article must come from a peer-reviewed computing journal, e.g. IEEE, ACM, etc. Your discussion should be at least a page, and in your own words.

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